Plan de fidelización para tiendas de moda retail mediante el uso de tarjetas

Looking for the use and development of new technologies and basing its success in marketing relational concepts , ILION Fidelity Card becomes an effective tool for customer loyalty for a large number of companies and sectors.

Undoubtedly, today is no longer enough to offer a good service or product to the consumer. Such is the quantity and quality of offers, companies need a way to distinguish themselves from their competitors and make customers prefer to purchase in their establishments.

Maintaining a client portfolio committed to the brand, customer incentives to prefer consuming in our establishment rather than another, inculcate new consumption habits, etc ... is not an easy task and therefore we offer our available solution ILION Fidelity Card the best tool to implement in your company a complete Loyalty-inducing System for your customers based on the use of a "loyalty card".

With ILION Fidelity Card solution it is possible to launch a loyalty card system controlling every moment contributions of each of the businesses or establishments, the number of transactions, issuing cards, the assignment of points, etc., under a common and centralized management.

This way you can get a more accurate idea of who your target audience is, its strengths, its weaknesses or of those aspects to be improved, contributing to the creation and consolidation of a customer base that will affect directly over economic benefits of your company. The greater the number of satisfied customers you have, the greater the income benefit to your accounts.




The electronic cards are delivered free to customers and allow users to accumulate points based on the consumption made in the participating establishments.

Each time a customer makes a purchase, his/her card is inserted into the reader, which communicates with a system centralized through a secure connection with SSL certification, via a web browser, requesting the amount of the operation, the ticket number and the name of the seller. This information is sent in real time via the Internet to the management program, which first authorizes the card and returns to the reader the balance of the same, loading a number of points proportional to the amount of purchase.

These accumulated points are entitled to obtain discounts on common products. Trading conditions are set by the manager of the loyalty scheme, which can create different rules depending on the type of customer.

From the management program you can centrally control all transactions done in the different shops, as well as the data of the same: the amount of the ticket, the customer, points, balance, etc. You can view the balance of stores, with total generated and consumed points, create new customers, etc.

This data enables us to understand consumer habits of customers and therefore, guide the commercial and marketing policy and of the company, enhancing the frequency of purchase and increase the amount of the same in order to acquire more points. On the other hand, sets us apart from the competition by bringing a distinctive value and strengthening the remembrance of the brand.

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Tarjeta de fidelización para tiendas de moda

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