Loyalty System for the fashion retail sector through the use of gift cards

ILION Gift Card is one of the most profitable loyalty systems given the low investment required and the main incentive to the purchase involved. Many customers choose this option when they have to make a gift and often the card is exchanged for a higher value product than the initial amount prefilled in the card.

ILION Gift Card guarantees purchases of the same value as the amount in the card, but especially a possible extra benefit, since the person that exchanges it will choose a gift for the same o higher price to the cards credit. In the case the card went missing or the exchange was forgotten, the paid amount would be a free cost benefit for your business.

ILION Gift Card success lies in a loyalty scheme easy to implement, manage and expand, while contributing to increased sales of up to 25%, grasping undecided customers or with no time to choose a gift, at the lowest possible cost.






The cards are sold like any other product of your store, allowing users to use them to purchase any product in store. .

Each time a customer makes a purchase, their card is inserted into the reader, which communicates with a centralized system through a secure connection with SSL certification, via a web browser requesting the amount of the operation, the ticket number and the name of the seller. This information is sent in real time via the Internet to the management program, which returns to the reader the new card balance, after deducting the amount of purchase. If you do not use the total value of the same, the balance may be used at future purchases. In the event that the balance was not sufficient to complete the purchase, another form of payment can be used to pay the difference.

From the management program you can centrally control all transactions from different shops, as well as their data: the total amount of the ticket, card number, balance of movements, etc. This data allows us to have effective control over the movements generated by the sold cards, helping to reduce fraud and administrative processes associated with traditional methods such as gift vouchers.

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Gift cards for customer loyalty in fashion shops

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