Loyalty System for the fashion retail sector through the use of cash cards

It´s a proven fact that the commercial vision of businessmen is not only focused on attracting new customers, working on customer loyalty is a must. Aware of this problem ILION has developed the ILION Money Card , solution, based on the use of chip cards.

The chip card market for its use in customer loyalty programs has a great future since it provides system users an easy and powerful tool to support decision making of consumption and Offers at outlets and to get to know the customer in detail.

What distinguishes ILION Money Card to these Building Customer Loyalty programs is that the same card, in addition to registering user's personal data, can be topped-up with whatever amount in euro's the card holder wants through a deposit at the till. Once the amount is spent, you can return to recharge using the same procedure.

ILION Money Card work as digital wallets, possessing the most relevant characteristics of a real purse, but without its drawbacks, in order to meet the needs of its users. For these, it is a very practical solution, since they forget the problem of cash, besides providing greater security and control of small expenditures done every day checking their consumption through a website.

ILION Money Card is focused towards three main objectives. First, it is used as a tool to increase both the number of clients and transactions carried out. It also constitutes a fidelity card and finally, it is attempted with its initial use to reducing fraud and the number of transactions Online, of considerable cost.






Cards can be recharged with money and enable to pay goods and services by sliding the card through the reader. This recharge is done centrally from the management set point.

Each time a customer makes a purchase, their card is inserted into the reader, which communicates with a system centralized through a secure connection with SSL certification, via one web browser by requesting the amount of operation, the ticket number and the name of the seller. This information is sent in real time via the Internet to the management program, which returns the reader the new card balance, after deducting the amount of purchase. If the total amount is not used, the remaining balance can be spent at future purchases.

From the management program you can centrally control all transactions carried out in different shops, as well as data from the same: amount of the ticket, customer, balance, etc. Will be able to issue new cards and reload issued ones.

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Wallet cards for customers loyalty in shops

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